ULTRA SHIELD line of automotive films deliver excellent value, not only to our dealers, but for all consumers, from the recreational to the daily driver. Offering the highest level of UV protection , ULTRA SHIELD films block out both UVA and UVB rays , the main culprit in causing damage to your skin and your cars interior .With our installer friendly construction , we’ve got you covered and privacy , comfort and safety to the list and its clear why Ultra shield is first choice for many when it comes to window tinting .

Paint Protection Film


Proven to be the best performing PPF product on the market based on ten years of field performance in some of the most challenging environments on earth, including desert conditions. The only PPF product resistant to staining from: insects, chemicals, and acids rain. Recognized by multiple automotive OEMs as a qualified PPF product, suitable for assembly plant installation. Excellent product extensibility, installation flexibility and limited Lifetime Warranty

About Us

ULTRA SHIELD Brand, Global Service; ULTRA SHIELD Quality, Trouble-free Lifetime” , In addition, we invented a new series of ultra-insulated, anti-UV Nano ceramic skin-care solar film. 100% UV rejection and 99% IR rejection which reshaped the industry quality standards of Automotive film. From manufacturing to marketing management, ULTRA SHIELD has achieved refined operation, is and will be always committed to enabling clients to enjoy better quality. During more than 10 years of development, we actively explored the market and gradually developed into a global enterprise with business in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Finally, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company to discuss long-term business cooperation.

Our Products


Automotive Film

Nano Ceramic Tint

Ceramic 20 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic 20

Ceramic 50 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic 50

Ceramic 35 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic 35

Ceramic 70 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic 70

B-Nano Ceramic Tint

Ceramic B20 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic B20

Ceramic B50 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic B50

Ceramic B35 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic B35

Ceramic B70 Window Tint Film

  • Ceramic B70


US 20 Window Tint Film

  • US 20

US 50 Window Tint Film

  • US 50

US 35 Window Tint Film

  • US 35

US 70 Window Tint Film

  • US 70

Architectural Film

Clear Security Film

12MIL / Clear Security Film

  • SF-12

8MIL / Clear Security Film

  • SF-08

4MIL / Clear Security Film

  • SF-04

2MIL / Clear Security Film

  • SF-02

Silver window film

Available in several colors

Si 05/ Silver window Film

  • Si 05

Si 20/ Silver window Film

  • Si 20

Si 35/ Silver window Film

  • Si 35

Si 50/ Silver window Film

  • Si 50

Decorative Window Film

BB-13/ Decorative Window Film

  • BB-13

BB-06/ Decorative Window Film

  • BB-06

BB-05/ Decorative Window Film

  • BB-50

BB-03/ Decorative Window Film

  • BB-30


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